The Pope Pays A Visit

He's Opening The Door To The Studio...

He’s Opening The Door To The Studio…

The Pope Pays A Visit (KWVA Episode 040)

At this time, our show was on from 4 A.M. – 6 A.M.

The Pope Pays A Visit

01.) ?? (The Frumpies)
02.) ?? (Unwound)
03.) ?? (Yo La Tengo)
04.) Down At The Drive-In (The Donnas)
05.) ?? (Royal Grand Prix)
06.) ?? (The Fartz)
07.) ?? (Satan’s Pilgrims)
08.) ?? (The Phantom Surfers)
09.) Crochet (Julie Ruin)
10.) Suicidal Failure (Suicidal Tendencies)
11.) ?? (Belle & Sebastian)
12.) He’s Outta Sight (The Rondelles)
13.) The Muppet Show Theme
14.) Chewie The Rookie Wookie (The Rebel Force Band)
15.) Secret Agent Man (The Plugz)
16.) Nan (Ween)
17.) Yellow, Black And Rectangular (Negativland)
18.) ?? (??)
19.) Barefootin’ At Yer Own Risk (Cathead)
20.) Love Theme From Kiss (Kiss)
21.) World War III Is A Giant Ice Cream Cone (King Missile [Dog Fly Religion])
22.) Save The Children (Sam & Joe)
23.) After School Special (Mr. Bungle)
24.) Do You Think I’m Sexy (Revolting Cocks)
25.) Laughing Polka (Lawrence Welk)
26.) ?? (Gert Wilden & His Orchestra)
27.) The Sounds Of Science (Beastie Boys)
28.) See You At Lakefair (KARP)
29.) Martin Scorsese (King Missile)
30.) Seether (Veruca Salt)

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